Domino's Pizza Boycott Launched - Join it!

City-wide Boycott of Domino's Pizza Launched

On Wednesday, November 16, Democracy for NYC joined the Sweatshop Free Campaign, Occupy Wall Street organizers, and the community in a rally launching New York City-wide boycott of Domino's Pizza. Some of the conditions Domino's Pizza employees report and which led to the boycott include:

Since 2009, hundreds of workers have come together from various Domino's franchises to sue their bosses while organizing for better conditions. Franchise owner Dave Melton has responded by firing workers, cutting hours, and refusing to pay back the workers.

DFNYC which has long supported the fight against sweatshop conditions and unfair, illegal working condidtions in all work places, was represented by Sally Swisher, Bruce Markens, Susan Andrews, and Bernadette Evangelist. Photos below were taken by Bernadette at the rally and subsequent march to a local Domino's Pizza outlet.

Please join the boycott and call Domino's headquarters, 734-930-3030, to voice your support for the workers.


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