DFNYC Condemns Trump Ban on Transgender Military Service








August 5, 2017

**Official DFNYC Statement**

Democracy for New York City (DFNYC) strongly condemns the Trump Administration’s plan to ban U.S. citizens who happen to be transgender from being allowed to serve in the military.

Transgender citizens have served actively and courageously in the military, fought wars and defended our country and continue to do so. This ban is no different than past discrimination against African American and openly gay citizens who attempted to serve their country.

State sponsored discrimination is a threat to all of us and DFNYC is proud to join the ACLU, and our friends at Trans PAC, Democracy for America (DFA) and other progressive groups who have pledged to come together and fight to ensure and maintain equal rights for *all* U.S, citizens" including those who are transgender.

Roberta Cohen
Tracey Keij Denton
Rhonda Patillo
Max Smith
Richard Wallner
Wilson Chau


Other Statements/Resources:

The New York Times has an excellent editorial by Jennifer Boylan

Here is a statement from State Senator Brad Hoylman, the only openly LGBTQ member of the NY Senate:


Here is a good petition to sign:

Finally if you want to hear about more events taking place in the ongoing fight to protect the rights of transgender citizens, consider joining TransPAC: