DFNYC Condemns Lowe's for Bowing to Anti-Muslim Florida Family Assoc.

Democracy For NYC strongly condemns the action of Lowe's Home Improvement, Inc., in pulling their advertising from the The Learning Channel's program "All American Muslim" due to the complaints of the "Florida Family Association" and their leader, David Caton, who called the program "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."

"All American Muslim" is a program that is educating the public on the lives of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, and is no better or worse than any other put on the air by The Learning Channel to educate the public on the many different lifestyles of Americans across the country.


Democracy For NYC urges all followers and friends to contact Lowe's Home Improvment, Inc.. at Lowes.com and its CEO, Robert A. Niblock, and let them know how much you disagree with their actions. You can also submit handwritten letters with the following address:


1000 Lowe's Boulevard
Mooresville, NC 28117